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We create the world’s largest and most successful real time massively multiplayer online games. Our mobile games are consistently top ranked in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore and have been downloaded and played by hundreds of millions around the world.

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Our wildly popular mobile games are also the world’s largest concurrent communications applications. We connect and facilitate the city building, troop training, army marching, battle fighting and player chats of millions of people from all corners of the globe in real time, scaled and operated on Satori.

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Mobile Strike


Join millions of players around the world and become an action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new game of modern war - Mobile Strike! Build a base, control the action, and test your elite troops against enemies on the battlefield! With cutting-edge assault vehicles in your arsenal, this worldwide MMO game tests your ability to wage a tactical and intelligent war.

It's not whose arsenal is bigger, it's whose arsenal is best! Design a customized base to reflect the kind of hero you want to be. Amass defenses to protect your base, or manufacture an arsenal unrivaled on the battlefield! In MMO fashion you can join an alliance and bring to bear the benefits of a multilateral force as you dominate the action and become the Head of State in an entirely new kind of action game!

Check out the elite new MMO Mobile Strike, a war game to end all war games!


Game of War


Set in a fantastical world of kings, warriors, sorcerers and dragons, Game of War – Fire Age is an action-packed massively multiplayer mobile game that is easy to play and challenging to master. Play and chat with millions of players worldwide, all in real time. Build your empire and train vast armies to lead into battle. Forge diplomatic alliances to conquer enemies and become the most powerful alliance in the Kingdom! Join the millions of other Heroes in the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Game of War – Fire Age!