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Welcome to the ultimate gaming challenge.

Create complex new worlds on our live global data ecosystem.

We build massive mobile games that break down linguistic and geographic barriers by uniting an unprecedented number of global players in one gaming world. We empower our game developers to push the boundaries of innovation in a player-driven ecosystem. Untethered by the traditional publisher model, and backed by endless resources, every update and feature creates amazing experiences for millions of players.

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New technology. New empire.

We live to develop games the world can't wait to experience. Games like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Built with the latest rendering, network, and design technologies while leveraging real time live data, we bring the beautiful world of EOS into a living, breathing MMO experience everyone will want to play.

Bringing Mobile Strike to life.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mobile Strike is big. This epic game brings modern military warfare into a live MMO landscape that's challenging, captivating, and instantly rewarding. Whatever your big idea is, you can build it and bring it to life all around the world on our live data platform.

Mobile Strike

The game that changed the world.

In 2013, we introduced Game of War - Fire Age to the world. And the world responded with resounding approval. This MMO defined an entire genre of mobile strategy games where players have the power to build their kingdom and dominate millions. Similarly, we give you the power to build your kingdom and share it with millions around the globe.

Build something amazing.

As the global leader in mobile gaming, we're using our groundbreaking live data platform to create game experiences

the world has never seen before.