In our games, people matter. Player experience is at the heart of everything we do. We create games full of connection and meaning that continue captivating our global audiences day in and day out, year after year. That’s how we’ve become one of the most successful mobile studios of all time. We came to play, and we play to win.

Join the battle

We are the destination to kick ass. Playing our games means pushing boundaries, seizing opportunities and mounting defenses. Whether you’re waging war or building an empire to last, you’ll be playing in real-time with the most engaged global community of gamers out there.

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and Values

Were Hiring GOW

As One

Everything we’ve built, we’ve built together.

Nobody’s quite like us. Our connection is special—it’s something worth celebrating and something worth fighting for.

Every day we attack new challenges and stay hungry. We grow by pushing ourselves and helping each other out. We work, play, and triumph together.

We’ve created a place for everyone. And invited a global audience into worlds where anyone can be a hero.

The biggest moments ahead will require our best selves. Every single one of us is needed to get where we’re going.

We came to play and we play to win. As One.


We’re ambitious. We reward true impact.


We’re honest, fair, and loyal.

Play to win

We are bold. No prizes for participation, we build teams that play to win.


We push the boundaries in mobile.

Decisive and fast

We take action. Speed wins.