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We are passionate about what we do. We take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible. Do you have what it takes? Apply for one of our open positions.

Careers VIP team

A dynamic, collaborative environment

Join teams driven to do bold things who are never happy with the status quo.

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Built to learn quickly

Leverage a decade of data with tools to test ideas in real-time, with super quick feedback loops.

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Big games, massive audience

Work on releases and updates for a passionate global community of millions.

Careers VIP success

Positioned to grow

Be recognized for your achievements with a substantial stake in the future.


Stock and 401k

Stock options, 401k matching, life and disability coverage

Vacation time

Flexible vacation time


Employee assistance programs


Free gym memberships


Fun company events

Free public transportation

Free public transportation

Laundry service

Free laundry service


Free lunches 5 days a week

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Explore the future of game design and innovation in an environment that brings your ideas to life. Create, design, and develop the world’s next epic, global, interactive real-time game.