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We draw players from all walks of life into worlds of strategy, fantasy and war where heroes triumph over overwhelming odds.

The newest Final Fantasy adventure

Build your dream Kingdom, collect resources throughout the world of Eos, and command a strong Empire with help from notable Heroes and friends! Fight to defend your Kingdom and compete for the ruler of the Grand Throne.

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Art powered by tech

New challenges and dangerous foes threaten your Lucian throne. As Noctis, take your party to explore the world, hunt for treasure, defeat monsters, and save your homeland.

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The game that started it all

Launched in 2013, this MMO defined an entire genre of mobile strategy games where players have the power to build their kingdom, forge alliances, and dominate millions.

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Massive battles in real-time

Command your forces in strategic modern warfare. Utilize all types of troops, modern military vehicles, and awesome firepower to win the day.

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Stunning 3D graphics

Eras of war have collided, leaving you in command of troops and war machines from World War I through modern day. Form strategic alliances and wage war from the land, sea, and air.

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